Recharging this summer:a conversation

Caroline Sharley and Siân Griffith at Your Somerset Retreat

At last it’s summer;

Holiday time and a chance to get away from our daily routines and busy lives. Yet, we can often find a holiday is an extremely stressful experience; negotiating security at the airport, packing all the suitcases and calming tense family dynamics en route. Then adjusting to an unfamiliar environment, sunburn and mosquito bites! We think we’re going to get away from it all - but actually can come back feeling like we need a proper rest!

So, how can we really rest and recharge? 

Over coffee this morning, Caroline Sharley and I chatted about how retreats have helped us to step out from the busyness in our lives, quieten the chatter in our minds, and remember what’s important to us.

Choosing a retreat

There are many types of retreat available on the market now; many are more like an activity holiday - full of timed activities, and rushing about. In effect, little more than another way of being busy!

Group retreat

Through my silent retreats in Frome, I have developed a model for creating the space and opportunity to slow down and rediscover the connection with yourself through a combination of yoga, meditation, massage, silence and nourishing food. I attend regular group retreats myself, but this form of group experience is not for everyone. While some people open up easily with others and are comfortable in a group, others need more privacy and personal space.


Caroline has developed a one-to-one approach to retreats. An opportunity for people to get off the treadmill of their busy lives, have some peace and maybe engage with some of the bigger questions in their lives. As a Chartered Psychologist, Caroline can work individually with her guests to explore what's holding them back and help them to find a breakthrough.

Small Steps

There are many things we can take from these retreats into our daily life; knowing that small changes can make an important difference to the quality of our lives. If you don't have the time or money to go on a retreat yourself, there are still small changes you can introduce into your own life over this busy summer period.

Mini retreat

For instance, while the kettle’s boiling, or after finishing something around the house or at work, take a moment to pause, to sit, notice the chair supporting your back, your legs and your feet on the ground. As you slow down, begin to pay attention to your breathing. Notice your breath moving in and out of the body. Notice any tightness, and the feel of the air on your body. Notice the sounds and any smells around you. Allow yourself to pause for a few minutes and just be … And now, notice how different you feel as you approach your next activity. Incorporating these retreat techniques into our daily lives helps us live an easier more comfortable life.

Get in touch!

For details of Siân’s upcoming silent retreats click here and to find out more about Caroline Sharley’s one-to-one retreats see her website: or call her on 07711 266969.

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