Cycles and Rhythms



I used to feel vaguely irritated when I picked this card from Doreen Virtue’s pack of Goddess Oracle cards. Maeve is a Celtic Goddess connected with the womb and female cycles. The message with the card is “Honour the cycles of your body, energy levels and emotions”. How do you feel reading that? Are you in touch with your own rhythms and, more importantly, do you want to listen to them? I certainly didn’t.

Getting in touch

The first step for me has been acknowledging how I am actually feeling. That involves stepping away from what I think I ought to be feeling and sensing what is going on, without judgment. The “without judgment” bit has been critical for me. Perhaps I am feeling low in energy and aware of aches and pains; tired. Maybe I am fizzing with ideas. Sometimes there might be an absence of anything.

Going with the flow

What I know is that if I push myself hard when I am feeling tired, I suffer. My back aches. My spine is always the first part of my body to tell me things are not right. Usually I ignore it and push on regardless and the back pain worsens. I spend a lot of money on treatments to alleviate the pain. We all have a part of our body which “speaks” to us most easily.

Gradual Shift

I have recently started experimenting with another way of doing things. Rather than push myself through my “to do” list, I have waited for the signal from my body that I am ready to do it. I experience it like a wave, and when it arrives I allow its natural momentum to carry me forward. It brings an energy and sense of capability and I am able to accomplish what I need to far quicker than at other times.


This approach does not fit in easily with our 9-5 lifestyle. Working for myself, I have the luxury of choosing my hours, and am less restricted, but for many years I did regular office work. I don’t think I understood how punishing that linear way of working could be. I remember just ploughing through my inbox, regardless of how I felt. Within the 9-5 constraints tasks can usually be broken down to separate elements, some of which may appeal more than others, but ultimately that way of working is soul destroying. No wonder we see so many cases of burnout and Chronic Fatigue. It was only when I stopped office work that I realised how exhausted I was by it.

Cycles and Rhythms

I am fairly disciplined and have been conditioned, from my early schooling, to be “on” all the time, but I am discovering more and more the pleasure of switching to “off”. Science proves the benefits of this “off” time to our bodies, whether during sleep or meditation. I have been getting the sense that life becomes much more interesting when we switch to “off” and move into a different way of being. The cycles and rhythms, which for many years I couldn’t see, are becoming more apparent. When we go with our own flow, we stop fighting ourselves and become more sensitive to the flow around us. The Rhythm of Life, which we access from within us, by honouring the cycles of our own bodies. Which is what the Maeve card says.


I still push and overdo it and end up with backache, but I am aware what I am doing to myself. Now, when I pick this card I will choose Gratitude, rather than irritation.

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