About Siân Griffith

Siân Griffith
M.A. Hons Dip. Reflex. MAR

Why Reflexology and Meditation?

Reflexology in Widcombe, Bath with Sian GriffithI am drawn to reflexology again and again. It helps to ground me, and in turn helps ground others.

There is something special about holding someone’s feet and helping them land in their body, and just relax. We spend so much of our lives “doing”.  Reflexology supports us just “being”. A time to listen to our bodies, feel what we’re really feeling and reconnect.

We can then allow the reflexology to do its own magic.

Meditation and Retreats

A personal crisis in my 40’s led me to re-examine my relationship to others and to myself. Just when I really needed it, I discovered meditation. A regular meditation practice provides me with the space and understanding I need, and underpins the way I now live and work. I now teach meditation and run a regular group for experienced meditators.

I am a long-term student of Cáli Ornelas, founder of the Yossum Foundation. I have found retreats invaluable in helping me build a new life, and in turn am now inspired to offer regular retreats in the UK and abroad..

Talks and Networking

In 2017 I went to a talk run by Bath Positive Living Group and there I met Lyn Stones who subsequently ask me to co-host the evening talks and run the breakfast networking. The group offers a chance to meet like-minded people who are interested in mind-body-soul connection. It is a supportive space for new and established practitioners. The two hours leaves me feeling uplifted and carries me into the weekend.


I have previously worked both as a teacher and a lawyer. I practised as a solicitor for over six years in London and Bath. I taught English for Business in Italy and Norway for 15 years. I am fortunate to still have links with Norway as an online lecturer at the Norwegian Business School.


I trained as a reflexologist at  Bath Complementary College and am a member of the Association of Reflexologists. I am a registered meditation teacher with the British School of Meditation.

NHS Choices

I am listed in the NHS Choices directory. This is the official NHS directory of therapists and is used by the public and healthcare professionals to identify high quality professional practitioners.


I offer a mobile service in the Bath area.

Why choose me?

We are all unique and each individual connection with a client is unique. I am dedicated to offering a calm, meditative space for reconnecting with yourself and your body.

Please contact me to see how I can help you >