Meditative reflexology provides a calm, supportive space where you can start releasing some of the stress and tension, which may trouble your body or mind. By stilling your mind, and allowing your body the chance to deeply relax, you can experience renewed vitality and a restored sense of wellbeing.


SiânMeditative reflexology is a deeply relaxing way to reconnect with yourself and boost your body’s natural healing process.

Reflexology can help ease:

stress  headaches   back problems  digestive disorders insomnia  hormonal problems  depression  anxiety and a range of other ailments. It is a perfect way to support yourself and your body.

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Mindfulness Meditation

By learning to still your mind, you free ourselves from repetitive thinking, anxiety and stress. This allows you to properly relax, be more fully yourself and develops your capacity to deal with whatever life throws at you.

I have run a number of retreats in the UK and abroad. A retreat gives you the time and space to establish or deepen your meditation practice.

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Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is a contemporary expression of the Christian contemplative tradition. It complements other forms of prayer, and allows us to deepen our relationship with God.

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About me

I am drawn to reflexology again and again. It helps to ground me, and in turn helps ground others.

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